Brush Mowing Services

Utilizing our Marsh Master™ MM2, with various implements, we have the ability to access wet or soft soil areas such as ditch lines, retention/detention ponds, and wetlands or marsh areas with little ground disruption to clear excessive vegetation. Using onboard GPS guidance and tracking technology, we can log and report areas that have been cut or chopped, giving our customers an accurate overview with satellite imagery of the completed work.

MM2 Cutter: This mower/Hydro-ax can effectively cut large dense stands of Phragmites and woody vegetation up to 2 inches in diameter. 

MM2 RollerChopper: The RollerChopper (see video) is a heavy steel drum with 5 inch steel paddles that breakdown and pulverize vegetation while also breaking compacted soil which promotes dormant seed bed germination and growth. The RollerChopper allows for faster work and we can effectively chop up to 2 acres per hour of run time, depending on conditions. 

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